The web address is used to open the settings page for the Tplink router. If you are in trouble with your TP-Link routers, one possible solution is, factory reset of your Tp-Link device or router for the default settings. After factory reset of your TP-Link device for the default settings, all the device settings will be deleted for your TP-Link router and after this you will become to access the your TP-Link device with the default settings. You can easily factory reset your TP-Link advance router to default setting using web Address that is the default address for accessing the Smart Setup Wizard for TP-Link router.

Steps for factory Resetting your TP-Link router using

· First of all You will find the reset button located at the back side of your TP-Link router.
· Now press and hold reset button for few seconds.
· After Release the reset button .
· Now after this Your TPLink router is reset to the default setting and you can again access the TP-Link router using the default login details.

Once you reset your TP-Link router to the default settings, the SSID name and the password for your router will be deleted from the router.

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