What is tplinkwifi net ?

The web address tplinkwifi.net is used to open the settings page for the Tplink router. If you want to enter into the control panel of the Tplink router, you have to enter this web address into the address bar of the browser.You can use any browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome to access the login page of Tplink router. Network routers are required to access the internet and Tplink is providing value for money routers.When at first Tplink Company provided the web address to access the Tplink router login page, we use tplinklogin.net instead of tplinkwifi.netThe latest Tplink routers can be accessed through the latter web address.You may get difficulties when you are setting up the Tplink router for the first time. For this thing, our technicians will help you. Just leave a message on live chat window given on the website.

Things to keep in mind while accessing TPLinkWifi net Login page ?

  • Make sure the device from which you are opening the browser and entering the web address to access the login page should be connected to the router. You can connect them through a wired or wireless connection. And you will not be able to access the internet until your router does not get installed.
  • Dynamic IP addressing needs to be checked if the login page is not opened when you type tplinkwifi.net in the address bar. Your computer settings must be in a way that it can automatically assign IP addresses.So that you can access your internet on your computer. After getting the IP address.
  • It may be possible that the hardware of the router is faulty. So, pay attention to the hardware part also. Check the LED indicators.
  • One mistake that most of the persons do is they type the web address into the search bar not in the address bar. So, make sure you are entering the same in the correct field.
  • Make sure your computer is not getting internet access from any other network. Only the router for which you are following the procedure to setup stay connected to the computer.

How to open the dashboard of TP-Link Router ?

Enter the web address http://tplinkwifi.net in the address bar of the browser and press enter. Open Microsoft Internet Explorer. Make sure you entered the domain name in the address bar not in the search field. This will open a login window in front of you. Enter the login details for your router model. If you are unable to find the details then contact us and leave a message unable to find the login credentials for my Linksys router. Our support team will contact you and tells you the procedure how to find the login details. If the details entered are correct, press the submit button. You will see the dashboard now.

You can also try the IP address or These IP addresses also redirect you to the login page of the Tplink router. It is recommended by our experts that it is safe for your network if you change the default login details. All the Tplink routers have same default login details. So, if you do not want that everyone can access your router’s network then change the same as soon as possible.

The admin password should have a unique value to protect your network from unauthorised access. When you purchase a Tplink router from the market, it is set to factory default settings that are same for almost all Tplink routers.900

  • So, anyone can access your network if you have default username and password.
  • To protect this thing, change the admin password as soon as you install the router in your home.
  • To change the same, we are providing steps to change the password of the Wifi routers.

Tplink router Setup for Smart DNS proxy

  1. Access the web interface of the Tplink router. You can do this by entering the IP address or by using the web address provided by the Company.
  2. Enter the login details to enter into the configuration panel.
  3. Go to DHCP then DHCP settings.
  4. Fill the details in the fields given on the screen.
  5. Save the settings by clicking on OK button.

To apply the given settings, restart the router. If you are having issues with your Tplink router then you need to check for the latest firmware. If your router is not having the latest firmware then it may cause issue and after upgrade they will disappear. You can have other issues also like not opening of login page of the Tplink router, unable to find login details, do not know how to configure the router, want to set parental controls and many more features are available for the convenience of user.

If you need help in any case, chat with our team live. We have provided a live chat window on our website where experts are online to resolve the issue. They have experience of several years so they understand and can resolve hard problems.

Open the Graphical User Interface of your router by entering the login details. There can be two cases now according to the model number of the router. We are explaining steps for one; if this cannot apply you can contact our support team for the issues.

  • Go to Advanced then System Settings then Administration. You will now see certain fields. Fill all the fields like old password, new password, confirm new password etc. Save the settings after filling all the details.
  • Log out from the admin panel and again login to check whether the settings have been changed successfully or not.

If you are able to Login through the new password then you are successful in changing the same, and if you are getting some issues then you can contact our support team for help

FTP server function is used to transfer files. Now, we will discuss how you can do that. Follow the procedure given below.

  • Attach a USB storage device on the USB port of the router. The USB light lit up on the router after USB device is connected successful.
  • Open the tp link router setup page by using the login credentials for your router model.
  • On the left menu, you will see USB settings, click on it. After this, click on FTP server.
  • Click on add new folder before configuring the FTP.
  • Enable the volume that you want to share.
  • Select subfolder if you want to and then choose the name for your folder that you want to be displayed to the users.
  • FTP home page displays the shared folder. Enable the Internet access and save the settings you made.
  • To start the service, click on start. Go to USB settings and then User accounts. You can create a new account here.

What Configurations are Possible using http:// tplinkwifi.net 

If you are using TP-Link routers for your home network then you will need to make a number of configurations for your TP-Link wifi routers. You can manage all these possible configurations for your TP-Link wifi router using the default login screen. You can use http:// tplinkwifi.net web address for accessing the advance settings for your device. there are a number of possible configurations that are possible using http:// tplinkwifi.net web address.

http:// tplinkwifi.netHere is the list of configurations that are possible using http:// tplinkwifi.net web address

  • If you want to make the login for your TP-Link wifi router setup page then you can use the http:// tplinkwifi.net web address for accessing the smart setup wizard.

You can update the firmware file for your TP-Link wifi routers using http:// tplinkwifi.net web address.

  • Driver update for your TP-Link wifi routers will be possible using http:// tplinkwifi.net web address.
  • If you want, you can manage the guest account settings for your TP-Link wifi routers using http:// tplinkwifi.net web address.
  • MTU size for the data packets can be changed for your TP-Link wifi routers using http:// tplinkwifi.net web address. 

If you are having any kind LED issues with TP-Link wifi routers then also you will need to access the TP-Link wifi router login page.

  • You can access the network map for your device using the http:// tplinkwifi.net web address.

These are the possible configurations and settings you can handle using http:// tplinkwifi.net web address.

tplinkwifi.net TP-Link Router Login

 is the default login address that is used to login to the TP-Link routers. This is the local address that means this is not a website address this is the local address that is used to access the login and configurations for the TP-Link routers. There are so many companies those are providing the support for the TP-Link router login but finding the best one is really a headache. We are there to help you and assist you any time you need help for the D-Link router tech support issues. Here is the list we are providing regarding the issues we can solve for the TP-Link routers.tplinkwifi net

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Call us any time for the issues those are mentioned here. If the issue is not mentioned here and you want professional help you can call us any time for the help. All the team members are well trained to handle any kind of crisis for the tp-link issues. You will receive the professional help for the issues regarding the tp-link router. We receive thousands of calls daily and always make sure to provide them with the best possible solution.